Attitudes, Values, and Personality¶

The attitudes, values, and personality modules provide extensive information on respondents’ personality traits, political orientations, concerns, satisfaction with different aspects of life, willingness to take risks, and much more.






Individual Questionnaire

10,000-euro question


plh0134, plh0135, plh0136

Affective well-being


plh0184, plh0185, plh0186, plh0187


(irregular) [1990-2018]

plh0188, plh0189, plh0190, plh0191

Attitudes towards genders


plh0395i01, plh0395i02, plh0395i03, plh0395i04, plh0395i05, plh0395i06

Attitudes towards refugees


plj0433, plj0434, plj0435, plj0436, plj0437, plj0438, plj0439, plj0440, plj0441, plj0442, plj0443

Big Five personality traits

[2005,2009,2012-2013,2017,2019], [2009,2012-2013,2017,2019]

plh0212, plh0213, plh0214, plh0215, plh0216, plh0217, plh0218, plh0219, plh0220, plh0221, plh0222, plh0223, plh0224, plh0225, plh0226, plh0255

Bundestag election



Depressive traits


plh0339, plh0340, plh0341, plh0342



plh0387i01, plh0387i02, plh0387i03, plh0387i04, plh0387i05, plh0387i06, plh0387i07, plh0387i08, plh0387i09, plh0387i10, plh0387i11

Donation of blood


plh0131_v1, plh0131_v2, plh0132, plh0133



plh0129, plh0130

Donations of goods


plj0108, plj0109, plj0110, plj0111, plj0112, plj0113, plj0114, plj0115




Goals in life (Kluckhohn)

(irregular) [1990-2016], [2013,2017-2019], [2016]

plh0104, plh0105, plh0106, plh0107, plh0108, plh0109, plh0110, plh0111, plh0112, plh0343_v1, plh0343_v2

Impulsivity, patience


plh0253, plh0254

Income justice, general


plh0116, plh0117, plh0118, plh0119, plh0120, plh0121, plh0122, plh0123, plh0124, plh0125, plh0126, plh0127

Life satisfaction



Locus of control


plh0369, plh0370, plh0371, plh0372, plh0373, plh0374, plh0375, plh0376, plh0377_v1, plh0378_v1, plh0379_v1, plh0380_v1, plh0381_v1, plh0382_v1, plh0383_v1, plh0384_v1, plh0385_v1, plh0386_v1

Locus of control, rephrased


plh0377_v2, plh0378_v2, plh0379_v2, plh0380_v2, plh0381_v2, plh0382_v2, plh0383_v2, plh0384_v2, plh0385_v2, plh0386_v2


[2013,2016-2019], [2013,2016-2020]

plj0587, plj0588, plj0589

Lottery question



Money and account balance


plh0344, plh0345, plh0346




Organisational and community membership

(irregular) [1985-2019], (irregular) [1990-2019], (irregular) [1985-2019], [1985,1989,1993], (irregular) [1990-2019], (irregular) [2001-2019], [1998,2001,2003,2007,2011,2019], [2003,2007,2011]

plh0263_h, plh0263_v2, plh0264_h, plh0264_v1, plh0264_v2, plh0265, plh0266, plh0267

Organizational and community membership



Policy objectives (Inglehart Index)


plh0054, plh0056, plh0058, plh0061

Political Tendency, Left-Right



Political influence


plh0397i01, plh0397i02, plh0397i03, plh0397i04, plh0397i05

Political orientation



Political orientation (Party Affiliation)

[1984-2020], [1984-1989], [1990], [1991], [1992], [1993], [1994-2020], [1987-1988]

plh0012_h, plh0012_v1, plh0012_v2, plh0012_v3, plh0012_v4, plh0012_v5, plh0012_v6, plh0013_v1

Political orientation (Party Preference)


plh0011_h, plh0011_v1, plh0011_v2, plh0013_h, plh0013_v2



plh0206i01, plh0206i02, plh0206i03, plh0206i04, plh0206i05, plh0206i06

Religious affiliation

(irregular) [1990-2020], [1990-1991,1997], [1990], [1991,1997], [1990-1991,1997], [2003], [2007,2011], [2015], [2013,2016-2020]

plh0258_h, plh0258_v1, plh0258_v10, plh0258_v11, plh0258_v12, plh0258_v13, plh0258_v2, plh0258_v3, plh0258_v4, plh0258_v5, plh0258_v6, plh0258_v7, plh0258_v8, plh0258_v9

Risk aversion in different domains


plh0197, plh0198, plh0199, plh0200, plh0201, plh0202

Risk aversion in general

[2004,2006,2008-2020], [2013], [2004,2006,2008-2020]

plh0204_h, plh0204_v1, plh0204_v2

Satisfaction with various aspects

(irregular) [1989-2019], [1984-2020], [2008-2020], [1984-2020], [1984-1990,1993-2020], [1984-2020], [2004-2020], [1984-2020], [1984-1989,1991-1994,1996-2020], [1990,1997-2020], [2006-2020], [2006,2011-2013,2016]

plh0164, plh0171, plh0172, plh0173, plh0174, plh0175, plh0176, plh0177, plh0178, plh0179, plh0180, plh0181




Social justice


plh0396i01, plh0396i02, plh0396i03, plh0396i04

Social responsibility


plh0016, plh0017, plh0018, plh0019, plh0020, plh0021, plh0022, plh0023, plh0024, plh0025, plh0026

Tendency to forgive


plh0206i07, plh0206i08, plh0206i09, plh0206i10

Trust, trustworthiness and fairness


pld0043, pld0044, pld0045, plh0192, plh0193, plh0194, plh0195, plh0196

Wage justice

[2009,2011,2013,2015,2017,2019], [2015], [2017,2019], [2015], [2017-2019]

plh0138, plh0139, plh0140, plh0141, plh0337_v1, plh0337_v2, plh0338_v1, plh0338_v2

Well-being aspects


plh0091_v2, plh0092_v2, plh0093_v2, plh0094_v2, plh0095_v2, plh0096_v2, plh0097_v2, plh0098_v2, plh0099_v2, plh0100_v2, plh0101, plh0102, plh0103

Well-being aspects, East Germany


plh0091_v1, plh0092_v1, plh0093_v1, plh0094_v1, plh0095_v1, plh0096_v1, plh0097_v1, plh0098_v1, plh0099_v1, plh0100_v1



plh0032, plh0033, plh0034, plh0035, plh0038, plh0040, plh0042, plh0043, plh0046, plh0047, plh0335, plh0336

Youth Questionnaire

Affective well-being


jl0381, jl0382, jl0383, jl0384

Attitudes and opinions


jl0329, jl0330, jl0360, jl0364

Big Five personality traits


jl0365, jl0366, jl0367, jl0368, jl0369, jl0370, jl0371, jl0372, jl0373, jl0374, jl0375, jl0376, jl0377, jl0378, jl0379, jl0380



jl0222, jl0223, jl0224, jl0225, jl0226, jl0227, jl0228, jl0229, jl0230, jl0231, jl0232

Life satisfaction



Locus of control


jl0350_v1, jl0351_v1, jl0352_v1, jl0353_v1, jl0354_v1, jl0355_v1, jl0356_v1, jl0357_v1, jl0358_v1, jl0359_v1

Locus of control, rephrased


jl0350_v2, jl0351_v2, jl0352_v2, jl0353_v2, jl0354_v2, jl0355_v2, jl0356_v2, jl0357_v2, jl0358_v2, jl0359_v2

Political orientation


jl0388, jl0389, jl0390, jl0391

Risk aversion in general



Social justice


jl1909, jl1910, jl1911, jl1912

Sources of social inequality


jl0337, jl0338, jl0339, jl0340, jl0341, jl0342, jl0343, jl0344, jl0345, jl0346, jl0347, jl0348



jl0361, jl0362, jl0363

Mother and Child Instruments

Big Five personality traits


char10, char1a, char1b, char2, char3, char4, char5, char6, char7, char8, char9

Strengths and difficulties questionnaire


behav1, behav10, behav11, behav12, behav13, behav14, behav15, behav16, behav17, behav18, behav2, behav3, behav4, behav5, behav6, behav7, behav8, behav9



temp1, temp2, temp3, temp4, temp5, temp6, temp7

Vineland adaptive behavior scales (Movements)


mvmn1, mvmn3, mvmn4, mvmn5, mvmn6

Vineland adaptive behavior scales (Playing)


sclr2, sclr3, sclr4, sclr5, sclr6

Vineland adaptive behavior scales (Skills)


skll1, skll2, skll3, skll4, skll5

Vineland adaptive behavior scales (Speaking and Listening)


spch3, spch5, spch6, spch7, spch8