Demography and PopulationΒΆ

The demography and population topic provides information including the birth date and sex of each household member (including children) and of each interviewer; the place and history of births in the household; household size; and relationships among household members.





Individual Questionnaire

Country of Origin (asked annually)

plj0022, plj0023, plj0024_h, plj0024_v1, plj0024_v2, plj0175

Country of Origin (asked irregularly)

plj0014_v1, plj0014_v2, plj0014_v3

Youth Questionnaire

Birth history (asked annually)

jl0233, jl0234, jl0235_h, jl0235_v1, jl0235_v2, jl0238, jl0239

Country of Origin (asked annually)

jl0240, jl0241, jl0242, jl0243, jl0244, jl0245, jl0246, jl0419, jl0445

Mother and Child Instruments

Birth history (asked annually)

birthm, birthy