Family and Social Networks

As a household study, the SOEP offers rich information on family and social relationships and how these connections change in different stages of life. The modules dealing with family and social networks cover the entire life cycle beginning with pregnancy and childbirth and continuing through parenthood, family formation, friendships, marriage, divorce, and death, and also provide a wealth of additional information on important life events.





Individual Questionnaire

Circle of friends, sociodemographics (asked irregularly)

pld0089_h, pld0089_v1, pld0089_v2, pld0090_h, pld0090_v1, pld0090_v2, pld0091_h, pld0091_v1, pld0091_v2, pld0092, pld0093, pld0094, pld0095, pld0096, pld0097, pld0098, pld0099, pld0100, pld0101, pld0102, pld0103, pld0104, pld0105, pld0106

Circle of friends, trustworthy persons (asked irregularly)

pld0062_v1, pld0062_v2, pld0063_v1, pld0063_v2, pld0064_v1, pld0064_v2, pld0065_v1, pld0065_v2, pld0066_v1, pld0066_v2, pld0067, pld0068_v1, pld0068_v2, pld0069_v1, pld0069_v2, pld0070_v1, pld0070_v2, pld0071_v1, pld0071_v2, pld0072_v1, pld0072_v2, pld0073, pld0074, pld0075, pld0076, pld0077, pld0078, pld0079, pld0080, pld0081, pld0082, pld0083_v1, pld0083_v2, pld0084_v1, pld0084_v2, pld0085_v1, pld0085_v2, pld0086_v1, pld0086_v2, pld0087_v1, pld0087_v2, pld0088, plf0049_h, plf0049_v1, plf0049_v2, plf0049_v3, plf0050_h, plf0050_v1, plf0050_v2, plf0050_v3

Family changes (asked annually)

pld0038, pld0039, pld0040, pld0134, pld0135, pld0136, pld0137, pld0138, pld0139, pld0140, pld0141, pld0142, pld0143, pld0144, pld0145, pld0146, pld0147, pld0148, pld0149, pld0150, pld0151, pld0152, pld0153, pld0154, pld0159, pld0160, pld0161, pld0162, pld0163, pld0164, pld0165, pld0166, pld0167, pld0168, pld0169, pld0170, pld0171

Family changes (asked irregularly)

pld0012, pld0013, pld0014, pld0155, pld0156, pld0158

Family network (asked irregularly)

pld0020, pld0021_h, pld0021_v1, pld0021_v2, pld0022, pld0023, pld0024, pld0025, pld0026, pld0027, pld0028, pld0029, pld0030, pld0031, pld0032, pld0033, pld0034, pld0035, pld0036, pld0107, pld0108, pld0109, pld0110, pld0111, pld0112, pld0113, pld0114, pld0115, pld0116, pld0117, pld0118, plj0120, plj0121, plj0124, plj0126, plj0128, plj0129

Family network (asked only once)

plj0117_v1, plj0117_v2, plj0117_v3, plj0118_v1, plj0118_v2, plj0118_v3, plj0119_v1, plj0119_v2, plj0119_v3, plj0122_v1, plj0122_v2, plj0122_v3, plj0123_v1, plj0123_v2, plj0123_v3, plj0125_v1, plj0125_v2, plj0125_v3, plj0127_v1, plj0127_v2, plj0127_v3, plj0130_v1, plj0130_v2, plj0130_v3

Friends (asked irregularly)


Marital / partnership status (asked annually)

pld0131, pld0133, plk0001

Marital / partnership status (asked irregularly)

pld0132_v1, pld0132_v2

Sexual orientation (asked only once)


Youth Questionnaire

Allowance (asked annually)

jl0020, jl0021_h, jl0021_v1, jl0021_v2, jl0022_h, jl0022_v1, jl0022_v2

Childhood and parental home (asked annually)

j_isco08_jobfather, j_isco08_jobmother, j_isco88_jobfather, j_isco88_jobmother, j_kldb2010_jobfather, j_kldb2010_jobmother, j_kldb92_jobfather, j_kldb92_jobmother, jl0273, jl0274, jl0275, jl0276, jl0277, jl0278, jl0279, jl0304, jl0307, jl0308, jl0309, jl0310, jl0311, jl0312, jl0313_v1, jl0313_v2, jl0314_v1, jl0314_v2, jl0315, jl0316, jl0327_h, jl0327_v1, jl0327_v2, jl0328_h, jl0328_v1, jl0328_v2, jl0446, jl0447, jl0454, jl0455, jl0456, jl0457, jl0458, jl0459, jl0460, jl0461, jl0462, jl0463, jl0464, jl0465, jl0466, jl0467, jl0468, jl0469, jl0470, jl0471, jl0472, jl0473, jl0474, jl0475, jl0476, jl0477, jl0478, jl0479, jl0480, jl0481, jl0482, jl0483, jl0484, jl0485, jl0486, jl0487, jl0488, jl0489, jl0490, jl0491, jl0492, jl0493, jl0494, jl0495, jl0506, jl0507, jl0508, jl0509, jl0510, jl0511, jl0512, jl0513, jl0514, jl0515, jl0516, jl0517, jl0518, jl0519, jl0520, jl0521, jl0522, jl0523, jl1406, jl1407, jl1408, jl1409, jl1410, jl1411

Parental interest in child’s performance in school (asked annually)

jl0167, jl0168, jl0169, jl0170, jl0171, jl0172, jl0173, jl0174

Relationship to family members (asked annually)

jl0026, jl0027, jl0028, jl0029, jl0030, jl0031, jl0032, jl0033, jl0034, jl0035, jl0036, jl0037, jl0038, jl0039, jl0040, jl0041, jl0043, jl0044, jl0045, jl0046, jl0047, jl0048, jl0049, jl0050, jl0051, jl0052, jl0053, jl0054, jl0055, jl1043

Mother and Child Instruments

Allowance (asked annually)

allow, allowpm, allowpw

Attitude toward parental role (asked annually)

bepar1, bepar10, bepar2, bepar3, bepar4, bepar5, bepar6, bepar8, bepar9

Attitude towards maternal role (asked annually)

change1, change2, change3, change4, change5, change6, change7, change8, health

Breastfeeding (asked annually)

breastf, breastfc, breastfm

Childcare (asked annually)

care10h, care11h, care12h, care19, care1h, care3h, care4h, care5h, care6h, care7h, care8h, care9h, maincare, suppartn

Eating behavior (asked annually)

eatsat1, eatsat2, eatsat3, eatson1, eatson2, eatson3, eatweek1, eatweek3

Frequency of leisure and other activities (asked annually)

freqact1, freqact10, freqact11, freqact12, freqact13, freqact14, freqact15, freqact16, freqact17, freqact18, freqact19, freqact2, freqact20, freqact3, freqact4, freqact5, freqact6, freqact7, freqact8, freqact9

Friends (asked annually)

frndadlt, frndchld

Language use (asked annually)


Leisure and activities (with child) (asked annually)

activ1, activ2, activ3, activ4, activ5, activ6, activ7, activ8, activ9, tvhrs, tvyn

Parental interest in child’s performance in school (asked annually)

conscho1, conscho2, conscho3, conscho4, conscho5, conscho6, conscho7

Parenting goals (asked annually)

edgoal1, edgoal10, edgoal11, edgoal12, edgoal13, edgoal14, edgoal15, edgoal16, edgoal17, edgoal18, edgoal2, edgoal3, edgoal4, edgoal5, edgoal6, edgoal7, edgoal8, edgoal9

Parenting style (asked annually)

edbeh1, edbeh10, edbeh11, edbeh12, edbeh13, edbeh14, edbeh15, edbeh16, edbeh17, edbeh18, edbeh2, edbeh3, edbeh4, edbeh5, edbeh6, edbeh7, edbeh8, edbeh9

Pregnancy (asked annually)

birthpw, delivpl, nchild, pregplan

Relationship to other parent or child (asked annually)