Family and Social Networks

As a household study, the SOEP offers rich information on family and social relationships and how these connections change in different stages of life. The modules dealing with family and social networks cover the entire life cycle beginning with pregnancy and childbirth and continuing through parenthood, family formation, friendships, marriage, divorce, and death, and also provide a wealth of additional information on important life events.






Individual Questionnaire




Circle of friends, sociodemographics


pld0104, pld0105, pld0106

Circle of friends, sociodemographics, age


pld0095, pld0096, pld0097

Circle of friends, sociodemographics, education


pld0101, pld0102, pld0103

Circle of friends, sociodemographics, labor force status


pld0098, pld0099, pld0100

Circle of friends, sociodemographics, relations

(unregelmaessig) [1988-2016], [2012]

pld0089_h, pld0089_v1, pld0089_v2, pld0090_h, pld0090_v1, pld0090_v2, pld0091_h, pld0091_v1, pld0091_v2

Circle of friends, sociodemographics, sex

(unregelmaessig) [1988-2016]

pld0092, pld0093, pld0094

Circle of friends, trustworthy persons

[2006,2011,2016,2019], [2006,2011,2016,2019], (unregelmaessig) [1991-2019], [1991,1996], [2001], [2006,2011,2016,2019], (unregelmaessig) [1991-2019], [1991,1996], [2001], [2006,2011,2016,2019]

pld0062_v1, pld0063_v1, pld0064_v1, pld0065_v1, pld0066_v1, pld0067, pld0068_v1, pld0069_v1, pld0070_v1, pld0071_v1, pld0072_v1, pld0073, plf0049_h, plf0049_v1, plf0049_v2, plf0049_v3, plf0050_h, plf0050_v1, plf0050_v2, plf0050_v3

Circle of friends, trustworthy persons (M3-M5)


pld0062_v2, pld0063_v2, pld0064_v2, pld0065_v2, pld0066_v2, pld0068_v2, pld0069_v2, pld0070_v2, pld0071_v2, pld0072_v2

Circle of friends, trustworthy persons: conflicts

[2006,2011,2013,2016,2019], [2006,2011,2013,2016,2019]

pld0077, pld0078, pld0079, pld0080, pld0081, pld0082

Circle of friends, trustworthy persons: help


pld0074, pld0075, pld0076

Circle of friends, trustworthy persons: unpleasant truths

[2006,2011,2016,2019], [2017-2018], [2006,2011,2016,2019], [2017-2018], [2006,2011,2016,2019], [2017-2018], [2011,2016,2019], [2017-2018], [2011,2016,2019], [2017-2018], [2006,2011,2016,2019]

pld0083_v1, pld0083_v2, pld0084_v1, pld0084_v2, pld0085_v1, pld0085_v2, pld0086_v1, pld0086_v2, pld0087_v1, pld0087_v2, pld0088

Family changes

[1991,1996,2001], [1985-2020], [2003-2020]

pld0012, pld0013, pld0014, pld0038, pld0039, pld0040, pld0159, pld0160

Family changes, childbirth


pld0152, pld0153, pld0154

Family changes, death


pld0146, pld0147, pld0148, pld0161, pld0162, pld0163, pld0164, pld0165, pld0166, pld0167, pld0168, pld0169, pld0170, pld0171

Family changes, divorce


pld0140, pld0141, pld0142

Family changes, marriage


pld0134, pld0135, pld0136

Family changes, moving in


pld0137, pld0138, pld0139

Family changes, moving out (child)


pld0149, pld0150, pld0151

Family changes, other


pld0155, pld0156, pld0158

Family changes, separation


pld0143, pld0144, pld0145

Family network, aunt


pld0115, pld0116

Family network, children


pld0025, pld0026, pld0027, pld0028, pld0301i01, pld0301i02, pld0302

Family network, distance

[1991], [1991], [1996,2001], [2006,2011,2016]

plj0117_v1, plj0117_v2, plj0117_v3, plj0118_v1, plj0118_v2, plj0118_v3, plj0119_v1, plj0119_v2, plj0119_v3, plj0120, plj0121, plj0122_v1, plj0122_v2, plj0122_v3, plj0123_v1, plj0123_v2, plj0123_v3, plj0124_h, plj0124_v1, plj0124_v2, plj0124_v3, plj0125_v1, plj0125_v2, plj0125_v3, plj0126, plj0127_v1, plj0127_v2, plj0127_v3, plj0128, plj0129, plj0130_v1, plj0130_v2, plj0130_v3

Family network, grandchildren


pld0033, pld0034

Family network, grandparents


pld0110, pld0111, pld0112, pld0113, pld0114

Family network, other relatives


pld0035, pld0036

Family network, parents


pld0023, pld0024

Family network, siblings

[1991,1996,2001,2006,2011,2016], [1991,1996,2001,2003,2006,2011], [1991,1996,2001,2006,2011,2016], (unregelmaessig) [1991-2016]

pld0029, pld0030, pld0031, pld0032

Family network, spouse

[1996,2001,2006,2011,2016], [1996,2001], [2006,2011,2016], [1991,1996,2001,2006,2011,2016], [2006,2011,2016]

pld0020, pld0021_h, pld0021_v1, pld0021_v2, pld0022, pld0107

Family network, stepparents


pld0108, pld0109

Family network, uncle


pld0117, pld0118


(unregelmaessig) [2003-2020]


Leisure and activities (with child)


tvhrs, tvyn

Marital / partnership status


pld0131_v2, pld0131_v3, pld0132_v1, pld0132_v2, pld0133, pld0299, pld0300, plk0001_v2, plk0001_v3

Pregnancy and childbirth



Sexual orientation


pld0298_v1, pld0298_v2, pld0298_v3

Youth Questionnaire

Allowance (Pocket money)

, [2000-2020], [2002-2020]

, jl0022_h, jl0022_v2

Allowance (Pocket money, Deutschmark)


jl0021_v1, jl0022_v1

Childhood and parental home


jl0273, jl0279

Childhood and parental home (parent’s education, ISCO-08)


j_isco08_jobfather, j_isco08_jobmother

Childhood and parental home (parent’s education, ISCO-88)


j_isco88_jobfather, j_isco88_jobmother

Childhood and parental home (parent’s education, KldB 2010)


j_kldb2010_jobfather, j_kldb2010_jobmother

Childhood and parental home (parent’s education, KldB 92)


j_kldb92_jobfather, j_kldb92_jobmother

Childhood and parental home, father

[2000-2018], [2014-2017], [2014-2018], [2015-2018]

jl0307, jl0309, jl0311, jl0313_v1, jl0313_v2, jl0315, jl0327_h, jl0327_v1, jl0327_v2, jl0506, jl0508, jl0510, jl0512, jl0514, jl0516, jl0518, jl0520, jl0522

Childhood and parental home, mother

[2000-2018], [2014-2017], [2014-2018], [2015-2018]

jl0304, jl0308, jl0310, jl0312, jl0314_v1, jl0314_v2, jl0316, jl0328_h, jl0328_v1, jl0328_v2, jl0507, jl0509, jl0511, jl0513, jl0515, jl0517, jl0519, jl0521, jl0523

Childhood and parental home, siblings


jl0274, jl0275, jl0276, jl0277, jl0278, jl0446, jl0447, jl0454, jl0455, jl0456, jl0457, jl0458, jl0459, jl0460, jl0461, jl0462, jl0463, jl0464, jl0465, jl0466, jl0467, jl0468, jl0469, jl0470, jl0471, jl0472, jl0473, jl0474, jl0475, jl0476, jl0477, jl0478, jl0479, jl0480, jl0481, jl0482, jl0483, jl0484, jl0485, jl0486, jl0487, jl0488, jl0489, jl0490, jl0491, jl0492, jl0493, jl0494, jl0495, jl1406, jl1407, jl1408, jl1409, jl1410, jl1411

Parental interest in child’s performance in school


jl0167, jl0168, jl0169, jl0170, jl0171, jl0172, jl0173, jl0174

Relationship to family members


jl0026, jl0027, jl0028, jl0029, jl0030, jl0031, jl0032, jl0033, jl0034, jl0040, jl0041, jl0043, jl0044, jl0045, jl0046, jl0047, jl0048, jl0049, jl0050, jl0051, jl0052, jl0053, jl0054, jl0055, jl1043

Relationship to family members, conflicts

[2001-2018], [2019-2020], [2001-2018], [2019-2020], [2001-2018], [2019-2020], [2001-2018], [2019], [2001-2018], [2019]

jl0035_v1, jl0035_v2, jl0036_v1, jl0036_v2, jl0037_v1, jl0037_v2, jl0038_v1, jl0038_v2, jl0039_v1, jl0039_v2

Mother and Child Instruments

Allowance (Pocket money)


allow, allowpm, allowpw

Attitude toward parental role


bepar1, bepar10, bepar2, bepar3, bepar4, bepar5, bepar6, bepar8, bepar9

Attitude towards maternal role


change1, change2, change3, change4, change5, change6, change7, change8, health



breastf, breastfc, breastfm



care10h, care11h, care12h, care19, care1h, care3h, care4h, care5h, care6h, care7h, care8h, care9h, maincare

Eating behavior (child)


eatsat1, eatsat2, eatsat3, eatson1, eatson2, eatson3, eatweek1, eatweek3

Frequency of leisure and other activities (child)


freqact1, freqact10, freqact11, freqact12, freqact13, freqact14, freqact15, freqact16, freqact17, freqact18, freqact19, freqact2, freqact20, freqact3, freqact4, freqact5, freqact6, freqact7, freqact8, freqact9

Friends (child)


frndadlt, frndchld

Language use



Leisure and activities (with child)


activ1, activ2, activ3, activ4, activ5, activ6, activ7, activ8, activ9

Parental interest in child’s performance in school


conscho1, conscho2, conscho3, conscho4, conscho5, conscho6, conscho7

Parenting goals


edgoal1, edgoal10, edgoal11, edgoal12, edgoal13, edgoal14, edgoal15, edgoal16, edgoal17, edgoal18, edgoal2, edgoal3, edgoal4, edgoal5, edgoal6, edgoal7, edgoal8, edgoal9

Parenting style


edbeh1, edbeh10, edbeh11, edbeh12, edbeh13, edbeh14, edbeh15, edbeh16, edbeh17, edbeh18, edbeh2, edbeh3, edbeh4, edbeh5, edbeh6, edbeh7, edbeh8, edbeh9

Pregnancy and childbirth


birthpw, delivpl, nchild

Relationship to other parent or child