Health and CareΒΆ

The modules on health and care cover doctor visits, sports and fitness, alcohol consumption, health insurance, health status, and grip strength, both on respondents themselves and on other individuals in the household, such as children and deceased household members.






Individual Questionnaire

Additional private insurance

(irregular) [1999-2020]

ple0128_h, ple0128_v1, ple0128_v2, ple0129, ple0130, ple0131, ple0132, ple0133, ple0134

Alcohol consumption


ple0090, ple0091, ple0092, ple0093, ple0177, ple0178

Disabilities in everyday life (SF-12)

(irregular) [2002-2020]

ple0004, ple0005

Electronic cigarette: liquid



Health insurance

[1999-2020], [1999], [2000-2009], [1999-2020]

ple0097, ple0099_h, ple0099_v1, ple0099_v2, ple0099_v3, ple0099_v4, ple0099_v5, ple0104_h, ple0104_v1, ple0104_v2, ple0104_v3, ple0104_v4, ple0104_v5, ple0104_v6, ple0104_v7, ple0160

Health insurance debts



Health insurance, private

[1984-1986], (irregular) [1999-2020]

ple0098_v1, ple0098_v2, ple0098_v3, ple0098_v4, ple0098_v5

Health restrictions

[2011-2013,2015-2020], [2012-2013,2015-2020]

ple0009, ple0162

Height and weight

(irregular) [2002-2020]

ple0006, ple0007

Hospital stays


ple0053, ple0055, ple0056


[2011,2013,2015,2017,2019], [2019]

ple0011, ple0012, ple0013, ple0014, ple0015, ple0016, ple0017, ple0018, ple0019, ple0020, ple0021, ple0022, ple0023, ple0024, ple0189

Individual health services



Nutritional awareness


ple0179, ple0180, ple0181, ple0182

Private supplementary care insurance


ple0183, ple0184, ple0185

Qualification for additional benefits



Reduced ability to work


ple0040, ple0041

Sickness notifications to employer


plb0024_h, plb0024_v1, plb0024_v2, plb0024_v3, ple0044_h, ple0044_v1, ple0044_v2, ple0046, ple0048, ple0049, ple0050, ple0051, ple0052, ple0174, ple0175


[1998], (irregular) [2006-2020], [2016,2018,2020]

ple0080_v1, ple0080_v2, ple0080_v3, ple0081_h, ple0081_v1, ple0081_v2, ple0082, ple0083, ple0084, ple0085, ple0086_v1, ple0086_v2, ple0086_v3, ple0086_v4, ple0089, ple0176

State of health



Stress and exhaustion (SF-12)

(irregular) [2002-2020], (irregular) [1984-2020]

ple0026, ple0027, ple0028, ple0029, ple0030, ple0031, ple0032, ple0033, ple0034, ple0035, ple0036

Visits to the doctor

[1988-1989,1991-1992,1995-2020], [1984-1989,1991-1992,1994-2020]

ple0072, ple0073

Youth Questionnaire

Height and weight


jl0219, jl0220

State of health



Household Questionnaire

Satisfaction with availability of care



Mother and Child Instruments

Health of child


chhealth, lstmedex, medaid3mb

Health of child, disorders


disord, disord1, disord2, disord3, disord4, disord5, disord6, disord7, disord8, disord9

Health of child, hospital stays


hospital12m, hospital3mb

Health of child, illnesses


ill0, ill10, ill11, ill12, ill13, ill14, ill15, ill2, ill31, ill32, ill4, ill5, ill6, ill7, ill8, ill9, illno

Height and weight of child


height, weight, weightb

Physical and mental health of mother


feeling1, feeling2, feeling3, feeling4