Home, Amenities, and Contributions of Private HHΒΆ

The housing, amenities, and household expenses modules provide wide-ranging information on everyday life including the type of dwelling and whether it is a rental property or owner-occupied; expenditures on personal hygiene, transportation, and vacations; and the division of household labor.





Household Questionnaire

Childcare provider and costs (asked irregularly)

kd_insta_h, kd_insta_v1, kd_insta_v2, kd_insta_v3, kd_insta_v4, kd_insta_v5, kd_insta_v6, kd_insta_v7, ks_cost_h, ks_cost_v1, ks_cost_v2

Childcare situation (asked irregularly)

kc_care_h, kc_care_v1, kc_care_v2, kc_care_v3, kc_care_v4, kc_care_v5, kc_care_v6, kc_care_v7

Dependence on childcare hours (asked only once)


Leisure activities and costs, children (asked irregularly)

ka06_art, ka06_mus, ka06_non, ka06_oth, ka06_spo, ka16_art, ka16_ctr, ka16_mus, ka16_non, ka16_org, ka16_sar, ka16_smu, ka16_sot, ka16_spo, ka16_ssp, ka16_sth, ka16_yth, kk_amtp_h, kk_amtp_v1, kk_amtp_v2, kk_amtp_v3, kk_cost_h, kk_cost_v1, kk_cost_v2, kk_cost_v3

Lunch, childcare (asked irregularly)

kd_lunch_h, kd_lunch_v1, kd_lunch_v2, kd_lunch_v3

Lunch, school (asked irregularly)


School attendance by child (asked annually)

ks_gen_h, ks_gen_v1, ks_gen_v2, ks_gen_v3, ks_gen_v4, ks_gen_v5, ks_spe

School provider and costs (asked irregularly)

ks_amtp_h, ks_amtp_v1, ks_amtp_v2, ks_amtp_v3

Household Questionnaire

Change in residential situation (asked annually)

hlf0106, hlf0107_h, hlf0107_v1, hlf0107_v2, hlf0523

Changes in home fixtures and furnishings since last year (asked annually)

hlf0210, hlf0211, hlf0213, hlf0216, hlf0219, hlf0220, hlf0221, hlf0222, hlf0224, hlf0225, hlf0226, hlf0227, hlf0230, hlf0232, hlf0234, hlf0235, hlf0238, hlf0243, hlf0246, hlf0249, hlf0250, hlf0251, hlf0252

Changes in home fixtures and furnishings since last year (asked irregularly)

hlc0116, hlc0117, hlf0159, hlf0164, hlf0165_h, hlf0165_v1, hlf0165_v2, hlf0166, hlf0167, hlf0169_v1, hlf0169_v2, hlf0169_v3, hlf0169_v4, hlf0169_v5, hlf0169_v6, hlf0169_v7, hlf0170_h, hlf0170_v1, hlf0170_v2, hlf0209_h, hlf0209_v1, hlf0209_v2, hlf0212_h, hlf0212_v1, hlf0212_v2, hlf0214, hlf0215, hlf0217, hlf0218, hlf0223, hlf0228, hlf0229, hlf0231, hlf0233, hlf0236, hlf0237, hlf0239_h, hlf0239_v1, hlf0239_v2, hlf0239_v3, hlf0239_v4, hlf0240, hlf0241_h, hlf0241_v1, hlf0241_v2, hlf0241_v3, hlf0241_v4, hlf0241_v5, hlf0241_v6, hlf0241_v7, hlf0241_v8, hlf0242, hlf0244, hlf0245, hlf0247, hlf0248

Cleaning or household help (asked annually)


Cleaning or household help (asked irregularly)


Consumption Module (asked annually)

hlf0168, hlf0171, hlf0172, hlf0371, hlf0372, hlf0373, hlf0374, hlf0375, hlf0376, hlf0377, hlf0378, hlf0379, hlf0380, hlf0381, hlf0382, hlf0383, hlf0384, hlf0385, hlf0386, hlf0387, hlf0388, hlf0389, hlf0390, hlf0391, hlf0392, hlf0393, hlf0394, hlf0395, hlf0396, hlf0397, hlf0398, hlf0399, hlf0400, hlf0401, hlf0402, hlf0403, hlf0404, hlf0405, hlf0406, hlf0407, hlf0408, hlf0409, hlf0410, hlf0411, hlf0412, hlf0413, hlf0414, hlf0415, hlf0416, hlf0417, hlf0418, hlf0419, hlf0420, hlf0421, hlf0422, hlf0423, hlf0424, hlf0425, hlf0426, hlf0427, hlf0428, hlf0429, hlf0430, hlf0431, hlf0432, hlf0433, hlf0434

Consumption Module (asked irregularly)

hlf0163_h, hlf0163_v1, hlf0163_v2

Costs of comparable rental homes (asked irregularly)


Costs of home ownership (asked annually)

hlf0601, hlf0602, hlf0603, hlf0604, hlf0605

Costs of home ownership (asked irregularly)

hlf0084, hlf0090_h, hlf0090_v1, hlf0090_v2

Dwelling / building type (asked annually)

hlf0155_h, hlf0155_v1, hlf0155_v2, hlf0596

Financial burden of home ownership (asked only once)


Financial burden of home rental (asked only once)


Government-subsidized housing (asked annually)

hlf0011_h, hlf0011_v1, hlf0011_v2, hlf0011_v3, hlf0011_v4

Government-subsidized housing (asked irregularly)


Hereditary lease interest (asked annually)

hlf0154_h, hlf0154_v1, hlf0154_v2, hlf0154_v3

Hereditary lease interest (asked irregularly)


Home fixtures and furnishings (asked annually)

hlf0024, hlf0025, hlf0026, hlf0027, hlf0028, hlf0029, hlf0030, hlf0031, hlf0032, hlf0033, hlf0034, hlf0035, hlf0036, hlf0037, hlf0529, hlf0530, hlf0531

Home fixtures and furnishings (asked only once)


Home ownership / rental (asked annually)

hlf0001_h, hlf0001_v1, hlf0001_v2, hlf0001_v3, hlf0006, hlf0007_h, hlf0007_v1, hlf0007_v2, hlf0007_v3, hlf0007_v4, hlf0009, hlf0015

Homeowner (asked annually)

hlf0013_h, hlf0013_v1, hlf0013_v2, hlf0013_v3

Loans, mortgages, building loan agreements (asked annually)

hlf0087_h, hlf0087_v1, hlf0087_v2, hlf0088_h, hlf0088_v1, hlf0088_v2

Material deprivation (asked annually)

hlf0613, hlf0622

Material deprivation (asked irregularly)

hlf0175, hlf0177, hlf0178_h, hlf0178_v1, hlf0178_v2, hlf0179, hlf0180, hlf0181, hlf0183, hlf0185, hlf0186, hlf0187, hlf0188, hlf0189, hlf0190, hlf0191, hlf0192, hlf0193, hlf0194, hlf0195, hlf0444

Material deprivation (asked only once)


Modernization costs (asked annually)


Monthly rent, heating, other expenses (asked annually)

hlf0074_h, hlf0074_v1, hlf0074_v2, hlf0607, hlf0608, hlf0610

Monthly rent, heating, other expenses (asked irregularly)

hlf0069_h, hlf0069_v1, hlf0069_v2, hlf0069_v3, hlf0069_v4, hlf0069_v5, hlf0078, hlf0079, hlf0081_h, hlf0081_v1, hlf0081_v2, hlf0082

Name and birth of children (asked annually)


Number of books in household (asked irregularly)


Persons in household in need of care (asked annually)

hlf0291, hlf0292, hlf0300, hlf0301, hlf0302, hlf0303, hlf0304, hlf0321, hlf0322, hlf0331, hlf0332, hlf0369, hlf0370_h, hlf0370_v1, hlf0370_v2, hlf0446, hlf0448, hlf0595, hlf0631

Persons in household in need of care (asked irregularly)

hlf0315_h, hlf0315_v1, hlf0315_v2, hlf0315_v3, hlf0317_h, hlf0317_v1, hlf0317_v2, hlf0317_v3, hlf0319, hlf0320

Pets (asked irregularly)

hlf0196, hlf0254, hlf0255, hlf0256, hlf0257, hlf0258, hlf0259

Photovoltaic and solar thermal system (asked annually)

hlf0532, hlf0535, hlf0536, hlf0537, hlf0538, hlf0539

Reasons for moving, comparison of old and new home (asked irregularly)

hlf0108_h, hlf0108_v1, hlf0108_v10, hlf0108_v11, hlf0108_v12, hlf0108_v13, hlf0108_v14, hlf0108_v15, hlf0108_v2, hlf0108_v3, hlf0108_v4, hlf0108_v5, hlf0108_v6, hlf0108_v7, hlf0108_v8, hlf0108_v9, hlf0109, hlf0124, hlf0125, hlf0126, hlf0127, hlf0128, hlf0129, hlf0130, hlf0131, hlf0132, hlf0524, hlf0525, hlf0526

Residential area (asked annually)

hlf0153_h, hlf0153_v1, hlf0153_v2, hlf0153_v3

Residential area (asked irregularly)

hld0001, hld0002, hld0003, hlf0135, hlf0136, hlf0137, hlf0138, hlf0139, hlf0140, hlf0141, hlf0142, hlf0143, hlf0144, hlf0145, hlf0146, hlf0147, hlf0148, hlf0149, hlf0150, hlf0151, hlf0152, hlj0004_v1, hlj0004_v2

Second Residence (asked irregularly)

hlf0156, hlf0158

Second Residence (asked only once)


Size and condition of home (asked annually)

hlf0018, hlf0019_h, hlf0019_v1, hlf0019_v2, hlf0019_v3, hlf0021_h, hlf0021_v1, hlf0021_v2, hlf0021_v3, hlf0071_h, hlf0071_v1, hlf0071_v2, hlf0071_v3

Type of energy used in household (asked only once)

hlf0540, hlf0541, hlf0542, hlf0543, hlf0544, hlf0545, hlf0546, hlf0547, hlf0548, hlf0549, hlf0550, hlf0551, hlf0552, hlf0553, hlf0554, hlf0555, hlf0556, hlf0557, hlf0558, hlf0559, hlf0561, hlf0562, hlf0563, hlf0564, hlf0565, hlf0566, hlf0567, hlf0568, hlf0569, hlf0570, hlf0571, hlf0572, hlf0573, hlf0574, hlf0575, hlf0576, hlf0577, hlf0578, hlf0579, hlf0580, hlf0581, hlf0582, hlf0583, hlf0584, hlf0585, hlf0586, hlf0587, hlf0588, hlf0589, hlf0590, hlf0591