Income, Taxes, and Social SecurityΒΆ

The income, taxes, and social security modules collect wide-ranging financial information from earnings and spending to public benefits, pensions, inheritances, taxes, and debts. They also cover assets such as real estate and other property.





Individual Questionnaire

Additional questions for employed people (asked annually)

plc0042, plc0043_h, plc0043_v1, plc0043_v2, plc0044, plc0045_h, plc0045_v1, plc0045_v2, plc0046, plc0047_h, plc0047_v1, plc0047_v2, plc0048, plc0049_h, plc0049_v1, plc0049_v2, plc0050, plc0051_h, plc0051_v1, plc0051_v2, plc0052, plc0053_h, plc0053_v1, plc0053_v2, plc0054

Additional questions for retirees / pensioners (asked annually)

plc0236_h, plc0236_v1, plc0236_v2, plc0242, plc0251, plc0285, plc0290, plc0516, plc0517

Additional questions for retirees / pensioners (asked irregularly)

plc0238_h, plc0238_v1, plc0238_v2, plc0240_h, plc0240_v1, plc0240_v2, plc0243_h, plc0243_v1, plc0243_v2, plc0245_h, plc0245_v1, plc0245_v2, plc0247_h, plc0247_v1, plc0247_v2, plc0249_h, plc0249_v1, plc0249_v2, plc0268_h, plc0268_v1, plc0268_v2, plc0268_v3, plc0279_h, plc0279_v1, plc0279_v2, plc0281_h, plc0281_v1, plc0281_v2, plc0283_h, plc0283_v1, plc0283_v2, plc0286_h, plc0286_v1, plc0286_v2, plc0288_h, plc0288_v1, plc0288_v2

Additional questions for retirees / pensioners (asked only once)

plc0278_h, plc0278_v1, plc0278_v2

Asset balance (asked irregularly)

plc0315, plc0316, plc0317_v1, plc0317_v2, plc0318_v1, plc0318_v2, plc0319, plc0328, plc0329, plc0330, plc0331, plc0332, plc0333, plc0334, plc0335, plc0336, plc0337, plc0338, plc0342, plc0343, plc0344, plc0345, plc0346, plc0347, plc0348, plc0349, plc0350, plc0351, plc0352, plc0353, plc0354, plc0355, plc0356, plc0357, plc0358, plc0359, plc0360, plc0361, plc0362, plc0363, plc0364, plc0365, plc0366, plc0367, plc0368, plc0369, plc0370, plc0371, plc0372, plc0373, plc0374, plc0411, plc0412, plc0413, plc0414, plc0415, plc0416, plc0417, plc0418, plc0419, plc0420, plc0421, plc0422, plc0423, plc0424, plc0425

Asset balance (asked only once)

plc0339, plc0340, plc0341

Benefits and bonuses from employer (asked irregularly)

plc0026, plc0027, plc0028, plc0029, plc0030, plc0031, plc0032, plc0033, plc0034, plc0035, plc0036, plc0037, plc0038, plc0039

Financial advantages from use of company car (asked annually)


Financial support received (asked annually)

plj0152, plj0153, plj0154, plj0155, plj0156, plj0157, plj0158, plj0159, plj0160, plj0161, plj0162, plj0163, plj0164, plj0165, plj0166, plj0167, plj0168, plj0169, plj0170, plj0171, plj0172

Financial support to relatives or others (asked annually)

plj0133_h, plj0133_v1, plj0133_v2, plj0133_v3, plj0137, plj0138, plj0142_h, plj0142_v1, plj0142_v2, plj0142_v3, plj0145_h, plj0145_v1, plj0145_v2, plj0145_v3, plj0149_h, plj0149_v1, plj0149_v2, plj0149_v3

Financial support to relatives or others (asked irregularly)

plj0131, plj0132_h, plj0132_v1, plj0132_v2, plj0135, plj0136_h, plj0136_v1, plj0136_v2, plj0139, plj0140_h, plj0140_v1, plj0140_v2, plj0143, plj0144_h, plj0144_v1, plj0144_v2, plj0147, plj0148_h, plj0148_v1, plj0148_v2, plj0151

Gross / net income, collective wage agreements (asked annually)

plc0013_h, plc0013_v1, plc0013_v2, plc0014_h, plc0014_v1, plc0014_v2, plc0502_v1, plc0502_v2, plc0507, plc0508, plc0509

Income (asked annually)

plb0471_h, plb0471_v1, plb0471_v2, plb0474_h, plb0474_v1, plb0474_v2, plb0477_h, plb0477_v1, plb0477_v2, plc0015_h, plc0015_v1, plc0015_v2, plc0016, plc0017_h, plc0017_v1, plc0017_v2, plc0064, plc0065, plc0073, plc0074, plc0075_h, plc0075_v1, plc0075_v2, plc0116, plc0117, plc0126, plc0130_v1, plc0130_v2, plc0131_h, plc0131_v1, plc0131_v2, plc0132_v1, plc0132_v2, plc0132_v3, plc0135, plc0136, plc0137_h, plc0137_v1, plc0137_v2, plc0138, plc0139, plc0152, plc0153_h, plc0153_v1, plc0153_v2, plc0154, plc0155_h, plc0155_v1, plc0155_v2, plc0168_h, plc0168_v1, plc0168_v2, plc0169, plc0170, plc0171_h, plc0171_v1, plc0171_v2, plc0177, plc0178, plc0181, plc0182, plc0183, plc0184, plc0188_v1, plc0188_v2, plc0189_v1, plc0189_v2, plc0190_v1, plc0190_v2, plc0198_h, plc0198_v1, plc0198_v2, plc0202_v1, plc0202_v2, plc0203_h, plc0203_v1, plc0203_v2, plc0204, plc0205_v1, plc0205_v2, plc0232, plc0233_h, plc0233_v1, plc0233_v2, plc0234, plc0235, plc0273, plc0274_h, plc0274_v1, plc0274_v2, plc0275, plc0276

Income (asked irregularly)

plc0488, plc0489, plc0490, plc0494, plc0495, plc0496

Income (asked only once)

plc0513, plc0514, plc0515

Inheritances (asked only once)

plc0375_v1, plc0375_v2, plc0376_v1, plc0376_v2, plc0377_v1, plc0377_v2, plc0378_v1, plc0378_v2, plc0379_v1, plc0379_v2, plc0380_v1, plc0380_v2, plc0381_v1, plc0381_v2, plc0382_v1, plc0382_v2, plc0383_h, plc0383_v1, plc0383_v2, plc0384_v1, plc0384_v2, plc0385, plc0386_v1, plc0386_v2, plc0387_v1, plc0387_v2, plc0388_v1, plc0388_v2, plc0389_v1, plc0389_v2, plc0390_v1, plc0390_v2, plc0391_v1, plc0391_v2, plc0392_v1, plc0392_v2, plc0393_v1, plc0393_v2, plc0394_v1, plc0394_v2, plc0395, plc0396_v1, plc0396_v2, plc0397_v1, plc0397_v2, plc0398_v1, plc0398_v2, plc0399_v1, plc0399_v2, plc0400_v1, plc0400_v2, plc0401_v1, plc0401_v2, plc0402_v1, plc0402_v2, plc0403_h, plc0403_v1, plc0403_v2, plc0404_v1, plc0404_v2, plc0405, plc0406, plc0407

Pension entitlements, company (asked irregularly)

plc0432, plc0433, plc0434, plc0435, plc0441, plc0442, plc0443, plc0445

Pension entitlements, company (asked only once)

plc0444_v1, plc0444_v2

Pension payments (asked irregularly)

plc0437, plc0438

Pension payments (asked only once)

plc0439_v1, plc0439_v2

Riester / Ruerup pension plans (asked irregularly)

plc0313_h, plc0313_v1, plc0313_v2, plc0430, plc0431

Social security (asked irregularly)

plc0001_h, plc0001_v1, plc0001_v2, plc0009, plc0111, plc0112, plc0113, plc0114

Wage tax classification (asked irregularly)

plc0091_h, plc0091_v1, plc0091_v2, plc0091_v3, plc0091_v4, plc0091_v5, plc0091_v6, plc0091_v7, plc0091_v8, plc0091_v9

Household Questionnaire

Alimony (asked annually)

hld0004, hld0005

Alimony (asked only once)

hlc0091, hlc0092

Credit burden (asked annually)

hlc0115_h, hlc0115_v1, hlc0115_v2

Expenditures on Food (asked irregularly)

hlf0435_h, hlf0435_v1, hlf0435_v2, hlf0436_h, hlf0436_v1, hlf0436_v2

Good/Low Income (asked irregularly)

hlc0018_h, hlc0018_v1, hlc0018_v2, hlc0019_h, hlc0019_v1, hlc0019_v2, hlc0020_h, hlc0020_v1, hlc0020_v2, hlc0021_h, hlc0021_v1, hlc0021_v2, hlc0022_h, hlc0022_v1, hlc0022_v2, hlc0023_h, hlc0023_v1, hlc0023_v2

Household income / expenses (asked annually)

hlc0005_h, hlc0005_v1, hlc0005_v2, hlc0006_v1, hlc0006_v2, hlc0006_v3, hlc0039_h, hlc0039_v1, hlc0039_v2, hlc0039_v3, hlc0040, hlc0041, hlc0042_h, hlc0042_v1, hlc0042_v2, hlc0043, hlc0044_h, hlc0044_v1, hlc0045_h, hlc0045_v1, hlc0045_v2, hlc0047_h, hlc0047_v1, hlc0047_v2, hlc0049_h, hlc0049_v1, hlc0049_v2, hlc0050_h, hlc0050_v1, hlc0050_v2, hlc0051_h, hlc0051_v1, hlc0051_v2, hlc0052, hlc0053, hlc0054, hlc0055_h, hlc0055_v1, hlc0055_v2, hlc0055_v3, hlc0056_h, hlc0056_v1, hlc0056_v2, hlc0056_v3, hlc0061_h, hlc0061_v1, hlc0061_v2, hlc0062, hlc0063, hlc0064_h, hlc0064_v1, hlc0064_v2, hlc0065, hlc0066_h, hlc0066_v1, hlc0066_v2, hlc0067_h, hlc0067_v1, hlc0067_v2, hlc0068_h, hlc0068_v1, hlc0068_v2, hlc0070_h, hlc0070_v1, hlc0070_v2, hlc0071, hlc0077, hlc0078, hlc0079_h, hlc0079_v1, hlc0079_v2, hlc0080_h, hlc0080_v1, hlc0080_v2, hlc0081, hlc0082_h, hlc0082_v1, hlc0082_v2, hlc0083_h, hlc0083_v1, hlc0083_v2, hlc0084_h, hlc0084_v1, hlc0084_v2, hlc0085_h, hlc0085_v1, hlc0085_v2, hlc0085_v3, hlc0085_v4, hlc0085_v5, hlc0085_v6, hlc0090_h, hlc0090_v1, hlc0090_v2, hlc0121, hlc0122, hlc0123, hlc0124, hlc0125

Household income / expenses (asked irregularly)

hlc0057, hlc0058, hlc0059_h, hlc0059_v1, hlc0059_v2, hlc0060_h, hlc0060_v1, hlc0060_v2

Household income / expenses (asked only once)

hlc0046_v1, hlc0046_v2, hlc0046_v3, hlc0046_v4

Income and expenses from renting / leasing (asked annually)

hlc0009, hlc0010, hlc0176, hlc0177

Income and expenses from renting / leasing (asked irregularly)

hlc0007, hlc0008_h, hlc0008_v1, hlc0008_v2, hlc0111_h, hlc0111_v1, hlc0111_v2, hlc0112_h, hlc0112_v1, hlc0112_v2

Inheritance, present, lottery prize (asked annually)

hlc0178, hlc0179, hlc0180, hlc0181, hlc0182, hlc0183

Investments (asked annually)

hlc0013_v1, hlc0013_v2, hlc0014, hlc0093, hlc0094, hlc0095, hlc0096, hlc0098, hlc0104, hlc0105, hlc0106, hlc0107, hlc0108, hlc0184

Investments (asked only once)


Ratio between income and expenditures (asked annually)

hlc0024_v1, hlc0024_v2, hlc0025_v1, hlc0025_v2, hlc0026_v1, hlc0026_v2, hlc0027_v1, hlc0027_v2, hlc0028_v1, hlc0028_v2, hlc0029_v1, hlc0029_v2

Ratio between income and expenditures (asked only once)


Repayments of loans (asked annually)

hlc0113_h, hlc0113_v1, hlc0113_v2, hlc0114_h, hlc0114_v1, hlc0114_v2

Savings (annually) (asked annually)

hlc0172, hlc0173, hlc0174