Time Use and Environmental BehaviorΒΆ

The modules on time use and environmental behavior give information on time commitments, free time, and time planning as well as environmental awareness, for instance, the use of public transport and different energy sources, as well as what respondents think about renewable energies.





Individual Questionnaire

Computer usage (asked irregularly)

pli0066_h, pli0066_v1, pli0066_v2, pli0067_h, pli0067_v1, pli0067_v2, pli0070_v1, pli0070_v2, pli0071_h, pli0071_v1, pli0071_v2

Computer usage (asked only once)

pli0068, pli0069, pli0072, pli0073

Leisure activities (long) (asked irregularly)

pli0079, pli0080, pli0081, pli0082, pli0083, pli0084, pli0087, pli0088, pli0089, pli0091_h, pli0091_v1, pli0091_v2, pli0092_h, pli0092_v1, pli0092_v2, pli0092_v3, pli0093_h, pli0093_v1, pli0093_v2, pli0098_h, pli0098_v1, pli0098_v2, pli0165

Leisure activities (long) (asked only once)

pli0085_v1, pli0085_v2, pli0090_v1, pli0090_v2, pli0094_v1, pli0094_v2, pli0095_v1, pli0095_v2, pli0096_v1, pli0096_v2, pli0097_v1, pli0097_v2

Time use for different activities (Saturdays) (asked irregularly)

pli0003_h, pli0003_v1, pli0003_v2, pli0003_v3, pli0003_v4, pli0012_h, pli0012_v1, pli0012_v2, pli0012_v3, pli0019_h, pli0019_v1, pli0019_v2, pli0019_v3, pli0019_v4, pli0024_h, pli0024_v1, pli0024_v2, pli0024_v3, pli0031_h, pli0031_v1, pli0031_v2, pli0031_v3, pli0031_v4, pli0036, pli0054, pli0055, pli0056, pli0060

Time use for different activities (Saturdays) (asked only once)


Time use for different activities (Sundays) (asked annually)

pli0007_v1, pli0007_v2, pli0007_v3, pli0007_v4, pli0007_v5, pli0034_v1, pli0034_v2, pli0034_v3, pli0034_v4

Time use for different activities (Sundays) (asked irregularly)

pli0010, pli0011, pli0016_h, pli0016_v1, pli0016_v2, pli0016_v3, pli0016_v4, pli0022_h, pli0022_v1, pli0022_v2, pli0022_v3, pli0022_v4, pli0028_h, pli0028_v1, pli0028_v2, pli0028_v3, pli0028_v4, pli0057, pli0058

Time use for different activities (Sundays) (asked only once)

pli0002_v1, pli0002_v2

Time use for different activities (weekdays) (asked annually)

pli0038_v1, pli0038_v2, pli0038_v3, pli0038_v4, pli0040, pli0043_h, pli0043_v1, pli0043_v2, pli0043_v3, pli0044_h, pli0044_v1, pli0044_v2, pli0044_v3, pli0046, pli0047_v1, pli0047_v2, pli0047_v3, pli0049_h, pli0049_v1, pli0049_v2, pli0049_v3, pli0051, pli0052

Time use for different activities (weekdays) (asked irregularly)


Time use for different activities (weekdays) (asked only once)

pli0001_v1, pli0001_v2

Trip to work (asked irregularly)

plb0142, plb0143, plb0144, plb0146_h, plb0146_v1, plb0146_v2, plb0147, plb0148, plb0149, plb0150, plb0151, plb0153, plb0154, plb0155, plb0156_v1, plb0156_v2, plb0157_v1, plb0157_v2, plb0158, plb0159_v1, plb0159_v2, plb0159_v3

Trip to work (asked only once)

plb0145, plb0152, plb0175_v1, plb0175_v2

Use of transportation for errands (asked irregularly)


Use of transportation for errands (asked only once)

pli0133_v1, pli0133_v2, pli0134_v1, pli0134_v2, pli0135_v1, pli0135_v2, pli0136_v1, pli0136_v2, pli0137_v1, pli0137_v2

Use of transportation for excursions (asked irregularly)


Use of transportation for excursions (asked only once)

pli0139_v1, pli0139_v2, pli0140_v1, pli0140_v2, pli0141_v1, pli0141_v2, pli0142_v1, pli0142_v2, pli0143_v1, pli0143_v2

Use of transportation in general (asked irregularly)

pli0101, pli0102, pli0103, pli0104, pli0105_h, pli0105_v1, pli0105_v2, pli0106, pli0107, pli0108_h, pli0108_v1, pli0108_v2, pli0109_h, pli0109_v1, pli0109_v2, pli0110, pli0111_h, pli0111_v1, pli0111_v2, pli0112_h, pli0112_v1, pli0112_v2, pli0113, pli0114_h, pli0114_v1, pli0114_v2, pli0115_h, pli0115_v1, pli0115_v2, pli0116, pli0117_h, pli0117_v1, pli0117_v2, pli0118_h, pli0118_v1, pli0118_v2, pli0119, pli0120_h, pli0120_v1, pli0120_v2, pli0121_h, pli0121_v1, pli0121_v2, pli0122, pli0123

Use of transportation in general (asked only once)

pli0124, pli0125, pli0126

Use of transportation in leisure time (asked only once)

pli0145_v1, pli0145_v2, pli0146_v1, pli0146_v2, pli0147_v1, pli0147_v2, pli0148_v1, pli0148_v2, pli0149_v1, pli0149_v2, pli0150_v1, pli0150_v2

Use of transportation to take children places (asked irregularly)


Use of transportation to take children places (asked only once)

pli0151_v1, pli0151_v2, pli0152_v1, pli0152_v2, pli0153_v1, pli0153_v2, pli0154_v1, pli0154_v2, pli0155_v1, pli0155_v2

Use of transportation to work (asked irregularly)


Use of transportation to work (asked only once)

pli0127_v1, pli0127_v2, pli0128_v1, pli0128_v2, pli0129_v1, pli0129_v2, pli0130_v1, pli0130_v2, pli0131_v1, pli0131_v2

Youth Questionnaire

Leisure and hobbies (asked annually)

jl0058, jl0059, jl0060, jl0061, jl0062, jl0063, jl0064, jl0065, jl0066, jl0067, jl0068, jl0069, jl0070, jl0071, jl0072, jl0073, jl0074, jl0075, jl0076, jl0087, jl0104, jl0106, jl0109, jl0112, jl0117, jl0123, jl1400

Household Questionnaire

Traffic and energy (asked irregularly)


Traffic and energy (asked only once)

hli0077, hli0078, hli0079, hli0080, hli0081, hli0082, hli0083, hli0084, hli0085, hli0086, hli0087, hli0088, hli0089, hli0090, hli0091, hli0092, hli0093, hli0094, hli0095, hli0096, hli0097, hli0098, hli0099, hli0100, hli0101, hli0102, hli0103, hli0104, hli0105, hli0106, hli0107, hli0108, hli0109, hli0110, hli0111, hli0112, hli0113, hli0114, hli0115, hli0116, hli0117, hli0118, hli0119, hli0120, hli0121, hli0122, hli0123, hli0124, hli0125, hli0126, hli0127, hli0128, hli0129, hli0130, hli0131, hli0132, hli0133, hli0134, hli0135, hli0136, hli0137, hli0138, hli0139, hli0140, hli0141, hli0142