Work and Employment

The work and employment modules provide information on diverse employment-related topics including the respondent’s first job, further training, changes in working conditions following parenthood, part-time work, and unemployment. Modules cover not only objective information such as working hours but also subjective perceptions of working conditions and feelings about work.





Individual Questionnaire

Care period (Pflegezeit) (asked annually)

plb0020_h, plb0020_v1, plb0020_v2

Change of job (asked annually)

plb0031_h, plb0031_v1, plb0031_v2, plb0032, plb0033_v1, plb0033_v2, plb0033_v3, plb0033_v4, plb0033_v5, plb0033_v6, plb0033_v7, plb0034, plb0284_h, plb0284_v1, plb0284_v2, plb0295, plb0478, plb0479, plb0480

Changes in workplace tools / technologies (asked annually)

plb0595, plb0596, plb0597, plb0598, plb0599, plb0600

Commuter Module (asked irregularly)

plb0158, plb0159_v1, plb0159_v2, plb0159_v3, plb0589, plb0590, plb0591, plb0592

Contract to Provide Specific Services (Werkvertrag) (asked irregularly)


Contractual working hours (asked annually)

plb0186_h, plb0186_v1, plb0186_v2

Contractual working hours (asked irregularly)

plb0185_v1, plb0185_v2, plb0209, plb0210, plb0241_h, plb0241_v1, plb0241_v2

Current job (asked annually)

plb0037_h, plb0037_v1, plb0037_v2, plb0037_v3, plb0040, plb0041, plb0049_v1, plb0049_v2, plb0049_v3, plb0049_v4, plb0049_v5, plb0058, plb0063_v1, plb0063_v2, plb0064_v1, plb0064_v2, plb0065, plb0568, plb0570, plb0586

Current job (asked irregularly)

plb0035, plb0036_h, plb0036_v1, plb0036_v2

Employees’ council (Betriebsrat) (asked irregularly)


Employment / education calendar (asked annually)

pab0002, pab0004, pab0005, pab0006, pab0007, pab0008, pab0010, pab0011, pab0012, pab0013

Employment / education calendar (asked irregularly)


Employment / education calendar (asked only once)

pab0001_v1, pab0001_v2, pab0001_v3

Employment status (asked annually)

plb0022_h, plb0022_v1, plb0022_v2, plb0022_v3, plb0022_v4, plb0022_v5, plb0022_v6, plb0022_v7, plb0022_v8, plb0022_v9

Employment, October 2014 (asked only once)


Entitlement to paid breaks (asked annually)

plb0601, plb0602, plb0603

Evening and weekend work (asked irregularly)

plb0218, plb0219

Evening and weekend work (asked only once)

plb0205_v1, plb0205_v2, plb0205_v3, plb0205_v4, plb0206_v1, plb0206_v2, plb0206_v3, plb0206_v4

Financial compensation for overtime (asked irregularly)

plb0195_h, plb0195_v1, plb0195_v2, plb0195_v3

Gross / net income, October 2014 (asked only once)

plb0584, plb0585

Industry sector, occupational classification (asked annually)

p_isco08, p_nace, plb0072, plb0073_h, plb0073_v1, plb0073_v2, plb0073_v3, plb0073_v4, plb0073_v5

Job search (asked annually)

plb0358_h, plb0358_v1, plb0358_v10, plb0358_v11, plb0358_v12, plb0358_v13, plb0358_v2, plb0358_v3, plb0358_v4, plb0358_v5, plb0358_v6, plb0358_v7, plb0358_v8, plb0358_v9, plb0362

Job search, motives (asked irregularly)


Job search, preferences (asked irregularly)


Labor intensity (asked annually)


Labor intensity (asked only once)

plb0593_v1, plb0593_v2

Leaving a job (asked annually)

plb0282_h, plb0282_v1, plb0282_v2, plb0298, plb0299, plb0300, plb0301, plb0302, plb0304_h, plb0304_v1, plb0304_v10, plb0304_v11, plb0304_v12, plb0304_v13, plb0304_v14, plb0304_v15, plb0304_v2, plb0304_v3, plb0304_v4, plb0304_v5, plb0304_v6, plb0304_v7, plb0304_v8, plb0304_v9, plc0040, plc0041_h, plc0041_v1, plc0041_v2

Leaving a job (asked only once)

plb0305_v1, plb0305_v2

Maternity / parental leave (asked annually)

plb0019_v1, plb0019_v2

Occupational expectations, non-employed (asked irregularly)

plb0427, plb0428, plb0429

Overtime, October 2014 (asked only once)

plb0582, plb0583

Paid breaks, October 2014 (asked only once)


Paid breaks, October 2015 (asked only once)


Paid breaks, October 2016 (asked only once)


Paid breaks, October 2017 (asked only once)


Performance evaluation by superior (asked irregularly)

plb0098, plb0099, plb0100, plb0101, plb0102

Professional expectations, long (asked irregularly)

plb0432_v1, plb0432_v2, plb0433_v1, plb0433_v2, plb0434_v1, plb0434_v2, plb0435_v1, plb0435_v2, plb0436_v1, plb0436_v2, plb0437_v1, plb0437_v2, plb0438_v1, plb0438_v2, plb0439_v1, plb0439_v2, plb0440_v1, plb0440_v2, plb0441_v1, plb0441_v2, plb0442_v1, plb0442_v2

Registered unemployed (asked annually)


Self-employment, reasons (asked irregularly)

plb0333, plb0334, plb0335, plb0336, plb0337, plb0338

Short-time compensation (Kurzarbeitergeld) (asked irregularly)

plc0057_h, plc0057_v1, plc0057_v2

Short-time compensation (Kurzarbeitergeld) (asked only once)

plc0058_v1, plc0058_v2

Side jobs (asked annually)

p_isco08_sidejob, p_isco08_sidejob1, p_isco08_sidejob2, p_isco08_sidejob3, p_isco88_sidejob, plb0382_h, plb0382_v1, plb0382_v2, plb0382_v3, plb0382_v4, plb0382_v5, plb0392, plb0393, plb0394, plb0395, plb0396, plb0397, plb0398, plb0573, plc0062_h, plc0062_v1, plc0062_v2

Side jobs (asked only once)

p_isco88_sidejob1, p_isco88_sidejob2, p_isco88_sidejob3

Standby duty (asked irregularly)

plb0212, plb0213, plb0214, plb0215

Start of working hours (asked irregularly)

plb0180, plb0181, plb0182

Starting a new job (asked annually)

plb0240, plb0417_v1, plb0417_v2, plb0418, plb0419_h, plb0419_v1, plb0419_v2, plb0422, plb0423, plb0424_v1, plb0424_v2

Starting a new job (asked irregularly)

plb0420_v1, plb0420_v2, plb0421

Supervisory position (asked irregularly)

plb0067, plb0068, plb0069

Use of professional skills in job (asked irregularly)


Vacation entitlement (asked irregularly)

plb0265, plb0269, plb0270, plb0272, plb0273, plb0274, plb0275, plb0276

Work from home (asked irregularly)

plb0095, plb0096_v1, plb0096_v2, plb0096_v3, plb0097

Work in black economy (asked annually)


Work in black economy (asked only once)


Work time regulations (asked irregularly)


Work, last 7 days (asked annually)


Working hours, October 2014 (asked only once)

plb0579, plb0579_h, plb0580, plb0581, plb0581_h

Working overtime (asked annually)

plb0193, plb0194, plb0198, plb0220_h, plb0220_v1, plb0220_v2, plb0483, plb0484, plb0605

Working overtime (asked irregularly)

plb0196_h, plb0196_v1, plb0196_v2, plb0196_v3, plb0197

Workload (effort-reward imbalance) (asked irregularly)

plb0112, plb0113, plb0114, plb0115, plb0116, plb0117, plb0118, plb0119, plb0120, plb0121, plb0122, plb0123, plb0124, plb0125, plb0126, plb0127, plb0128, plb0129, plb0130, plb0131, plb0132, plb0133, plb0134, plb0135, plb0136, plb0137

Youth Questionnaire

Jobs and money (asked annually)

jl0013, jl0014, jl0017, jl0018, jl0019, jl0023, jl0024_h, jl0024_v1, jl0024_v2, jl0025, jl0385, jl0386, jl0387