Home, Amenities, and Contributions of Private HHΒΆ

The housing, amenities, and household expenses modules provide wide-ranging information on everyday life including the type of dwelling and whether it is a rental property or owner-occupied; expenditures on personal hygiene, transportation, and vacations; and the division of household labor.







Household Questionnaire

Childcare costs

[2010-2013,2015,2017-2019], [2010-2012], [2013,2015,2017-2019]

ks_cost_h, ks_cost_v1, ks_cost_v2

Childcare provider

[1987,1995,1997,2002,2005,2007], [2002,2005,2007]

kd_insta_h, kd_insta_v1, kd_insta_v2, kd_insta_v3, kd_insta_v4, kd_insta_v5, kd_insta_v6, kd_insta_v7

Childcare situation


kc_care_h, kc_care_v1, kc_care_v2, kc_care_v3, kc_care_v4, kc_care_v5, kc_care_v6, kc_care_v7

Dependence on childcare hours



Leisure activities, children

(unregelmaessig) [2006-2020]

ka06_art, ka06_mus, ka06_non, ka06_oth, ka06_spo, ka16_art, ka16_ctr, ka16_mus, ka16_non, ka16_org, ka16_sar, ka16_smu, ka16_sot, ka16_spo, ka16_ssp, ka16_sth, ka16_yth

Leisure costs, children

(unregelmaessig) [2002-2019], [2002,2005,2007], [2010-2013,2015,2017,2019], [2017-2018], [2010-2013,2015,2017-2019], [2010-2012], [2013,2015,2017,2019], [2017-2018]

kk_amtp_h, kk_amtp_v1, kk_amtp_v2, kk_amtp_v3, kk_cost_h, kk_cost_v1, kk_cost_v2, kk_cost_v3

Lunch, childcare

(unregelmaessig) [1997-2019], [1997,2002,2005,2007], [2010-2013,2015,2017,2019], [2017-2018]

kd_lunch_h, kd_lunch_v1, kd_lunch_v2, kd_lunch_v3

Lunch, school



School attendance by child

[1984-2020], [1984-1994], [1990], [1991], [1995-2020], [2017], [2016-2019]

ks_gen_h, ks_gen_v1, ks_gen_v2, ks_gen_v3, ks_gen_v4, ks_gen_v5, ks_spe

School provider and costs

(unregelmaessig) [1987-2019], [1987,1996], [2010-2012], [2013,2015,2017-2019]

ks_amtp_h, ks_amtp_v1, ks_amtp_v2, ks_amtp_v3

Household Questionnaire

Change in residential situation

[1991-2020], [1991-1998], [2015-2020], [1991-2020], [1999-2020]

hlf0106, hlf0107_h, hlf0107_v1, hlf0107_v2, hlf0523

[2022, 2023]

Changes in home fixtures and furnishings since last year


hlc0116, hlc0117, hlf0159, hlf0164, hlf0165_h, hlf0165_v1, hlf0165_v2, hlf0166, hlf0167, hlf0223, hlf0224, hlf0225, hlf0226, hlf0227, hlf0228, hlf0229, hlf0230, hlf0231, hlf0232, hlf0233, hlf0234, hlf0235, hlf0236, hlf0237, hlf0238, hlf0244, hlf0245, hlf0246, hlf0247, hlf0248, hlf0249, hlf0250, hlf0251, hlf0252

Changes in home fixtures and furnishings since last year: Internet

[2000,2002,2004,2006], (unregelmaessig) [2000-2013], [2000], [2002,2004,2006,2008,2010-2013]

hlf0169_v1, hlf0169_v2, hlf0169_v3, hlf0169_v4, hlf0169_v5, hlf0169_v6, hlf0169_v7, hlf0170_h, hlf0170_v1, hlf0170_v2

Changes in home fixtures and furnishings since last year: car

(unregelmaessig) [2000-2013], [2000], [2002,2004,2006,2008,2010-2013], [2010-2013], [2010-2011]

hlf0209_h, hlf0209_v1, hlf0209_v2, hlf0210, hlf0211

Changes in home fixtures and furnishings since last year: cell phone

(unregelmaessig) [2000-2020], (unregelmaessig) [2000-2013], [2010-2013]

hlf0241_h, hlf0241_v1, hlf0241_v2, hlf0241_v3, hlf0241_v4, hlf0241_v5, hlf0241_v6, hlf0241_v7, hlf0241_v8, hlf0242, hlf0243

Changes in home fixtures and furnishings since last year: kitchen appliances

(unregelmaessig) [1998-2013]

hlf0214, hlf0215, hlf0216, hlf0217, hlf0218, hlf0219, hlf0220, hlf0221, hlf0222

Changes in home fixtures and furnishings since last year: motorcycle, moped

(unregelmaessig) [2000-2013], [2000], [2002,2004,2006,2008,2010-2013], [2010-2013]

hlf0212_h, hlf0212_v1, hlf0212_v2, hlf0213

Changes in home fixtures and furnishings since last year: phone

(unregelmaessig) [1990-2020], (unregelmaessig) [1990-2013], [2013,2015], [2014], [2016-2020], (unregelmaessig) [1998-2013]

hlf0239_h, hlf0239_v1, hlf0239_v2, hlf0239_v3, hlf0239_v4, hlf0240

Cleaning or household help

[1991,1994,1999-2020], [2010-2020]

hlf0261, hlf0262

[2022, 2023]

Comparison of old and new home


hlf0126, hlf0127, hlf0128, hlf0129, hlf0130, hlf0131, hlf0132

[2022, 2023]

Consumption Module



Consumption Module: Cars

(unregelmaessig) [1990-2013], [1991]

hlf0163_h, hlf0163_v1, hlf0163_v2

Consumption Module: Clothes and Shoes


hlf0379, hlf0380, hlf0381, hlf0382


Consumption Module: Cosmetics


hlf0383, hlf0384, hlf0385, hlf0386

Consumption Module: Culture


hlf0399, hlf0400, hlf0401, hlf0402

Consumption Module: Education


hlf0395, hlf0396, hlf0397, hlf0398

Consumption Module: Food and Drinks


hlf0371, hlf0372, hlf0373, hlf0374, hlf0375, hlf0376, hlf0377, hlf0378

Consumption Module: Furniture


hlf0427, hlf0428, hlf0429, hlf0430

Consumption Module: Health


hlf0387, hlf0388, hlf0389, hlf0390

Consumption Module: Hobby


hlf0403, hlf0404, hlf0405, hlf0406

Consumption Module: Holiday


hlf0407, hlf0408, hlf0409, hlf0410


Consumption Module: Insurance


hlf0411, hlf0412, hlf0413, hlf0414, hlf0415, hlf0416, hlf0417, hlf0418

Consumption Module: Internet


hlf0168, hlf0171

Consumption Module: Other


hlf0431, hlf0432, hlf0433, hlf0434

Consumption Module: Repair


hlf0419, hlf0420, hlf0421, hlf0422

Consumption Module: Telecommunication


hlf0391, hlf0392, hlf0393, hlf0394

Consumption Module: Transportation


hlf0423, hlf0424, hlf0425, hlf0426

Costs of comparable rental homes



Costs of home ownership


hlf0084, hlf0090_h, hlf0090_v1, hlf0090_v2, hlf0601, hlf0602, hlf0603, hlf0604, hlf0605

[2022, 2023]

Dwelling / building type

[1986-2020], [1986-1990, 1991-2008, 2010-2018], [2009], [2016-2020]

hlf0155_h, hlf0155_v1, hlf0155_v2, hlf0596

Financial burden of home ownership



Financial burden of home rental



Government-subsidized housing

[1984-2020], [1998-2015], [1986-2002,2008-2020]

hlf0011_h, hlf0011_v1, hlf0011_v2, hlf0011_v3, hlf0011_v4, hlf0073

[2022, 2023]

Groceries: Organic



Hereditary lease interest

[1984-2013,2015-2020], [1986-2020], [1986-1987], [1988-1992], [1993-2020]

hlf0016, hlf0154_h, hlf0154_v1, hlf0154_v2, hlf0154_v3

[2022, 2023]

Home fixtures and furnishings

[1991], [2015-2020]

hlf0023, hlf0024, hlf0025, hlf0026, hlf0027, hlf0028, hlf0029, hlf0030, hlf0031, hlf0032, hlf0033, hlf0034, hlf0035, hlf0036, hlf0037, hlf0529, hlf0530, hlf0531

[2022, 2023]

Home ownership / rental

[1984-2020], [2003-2020]

hlf0001_h, hlf0001_v1, hlf0001_v2, hlf0001_v3, hlf0006, hlf0015

[2022, 2023]

Home ownership / rental, ownership acquisition

[1984-2020], [1984-1990,1999-2001], [1991-1998], [1991-1997]

hlf0007_h, hlf0007_v1, hlf0007_v2, hlf0007_v3

Home ownership / rental, ownership change



Home ownership / rental, ownership transfer


hlf0007_v4, hlf0009

[2022, 2023]


[1990-2020], [1990-2002,2005-2012], [2003-2004], [2013-2020]

hlf0013_h, hlf0013_v1, hlf0013_v2, hlf0013_v3

Loans, mortgages, building loan agreements

[1985-2020], [1985-1990, 1991-1998], [1999-2020], [1984-2020], [1984-1990, 1991-2001], [2002-2020]

hlf0087_h, hlf0087_v1, hlf0087_v2, hlf0088_h, hlf0088_v1, hlf0088_v2

Material deprivation

(unregelmaessig) [2001-2015], [2016-2019]

hlf0175, hlf0177, hlf0178_h, hlf0178_v1, hlf0178_v2, hlf0178_v3, hlf0178_v4, hlf0178_v5, hlf0179, hlf0180, hlf0181, hlf0183, hlf0185, hlf0186, hlf0187, hlf0188, hlf0189, hlf0190, hlf0191, hlf0192, hlf0193, hlf0194, hlf0195, hlf0444, hlf0613, hlf0622


Modernization costs



Monthly rent, heating, other expenses


hlf0607, hlf0608, hlf0610

[2022, 2023]

Monthly rent, heating, other expenses (Deutschmark)



[2022, 2023]

Monthly rent, heating, other expenses: electricity


hlf0078, hlf0079

[2022, 2023]

Monthly rent, heating, other expenses: heating

[1986-2014,2016-2020], [1986-1990,1997-2001], [2002-2014,2016-2020]

hlf0069_h, hlf0069_v1, hlf0069_v5

[2022, 2023]

Monthly rent, heating, other expenses: heating and hot water

[1990,1996], [1991-1995]

hlf0069_v2, hlf0069_v3, hlf0069_v4

Monthly rent, heating, other expenses: other

[1991-2014,2016-2020], [1991-2001], [1996-2014,2016-2020]

hlf0081_h, hlf0081_v1, hlf0082

Monthly rent, heating, other expenses: rent

[1984-2020], [1984-2001]

hlf0074_h, hlf0074_v1

Monthly rent, heating, other expenses: rent (Deutschmark)



[2022, 2023]

Name and birth of children

[1984-2020], [2017,2020]

hlk0044_v1, hlk0044_v2

Number of books in household



Persons in household in need of care

[1985-2020], [2015-2020], [2016-2020]

hlf0291, hlf0292, hlf0300, hlf0301, hlf0302, hlf0303, hlf0304, hlf0315_h, hlf0315_v1, hlf0315_v2, hlf0315_v3, hlf0317_h, hlf0317_v1, hlf0317_v2, hlf0317_v3, hlf0319, hlf0320, hlf0321, hlf0322, hlf0331, hlf0332, hlf0369, hlf0370_h, hlf0370_v1, hlf0370_v2, hlf0446, hlf0448, hlf0595, hlf0631

[2022, 2023]


[2006,2011,2016], [2006,2011]

hlf0196, hlf0254, hlf0255, hlf0256, hlf0257, hlf0258, hlf0259

Photovoltaic and solar thermal system


hlf0532, hlf0535, hlf0536, hlf0537, hlf0538, hlf0539

Reasons for moving


hlf0108_h, hlf0108_v1, hlf0108_v10, hlf0108_v11, hlf0108_v12, hlf0108_v13, hlf0108_v14, hlf0108_v15, hlf0108_v2, hlf0108_v3, hlf0108_v4, hlf0108_v5, hlf0108_v6, hlf0108_v7, hlf0108_v8, hlf0108_v9, hlf0109, hlf0124, hlf0125

Reasons for moving, comparison of old and new home

[2015,2017-2020], [2015,2017], [2015,2017,2019-2020]

hlf0524, hlf0525, hlf0526

[2022, 2023]

Residential area

(unregelmaessig) [1986-2019], [1994,1999,2004,2009,2014,2019], [2004,2009,2014,2016-2020], [1994,1999,2004,2009,2014,2019], [1986-2020], [1986-1987], [1988-1992], [1986,1994,1999,2004,2009], [2014, 2019], [1993-2020]

hlf0148, hlf0149, hlf0150, hlf0151, hlf0152, hlf0153_h, hlf0153_v1, hlf0153_v2, hlf0153_v3, hlj0004_v1, hlj0004_v2

[2022, 2023]

Residential area, distances

(unregelmaessig) [1986-2019]

hlf0135, hlf0136, hlf0137, hlf0138, hlf0139, hlf0140, hlf0141, hlf0142, hlf0143, hlf0144, hlf0145, hlf0146, hlf0147

Residential area, neighbors

(unregelmaessig) [1986-2019]

hld0001, hld0002, hld0003




Second Residence

[2011,2016], [2011], [2011,2016]

hlf0156, hlf0157, hlf0158

Size and condition of home, rooms

[1984-2020], [1984-1990,1998-2020]

hlf0021_h, hlf0021_v1, hlf0021_v2, hlf0021_v3

[2022, 2023]

Size and condition of home, size


hlf0018, hlf0019_h, hlf0019_v1, hlf0019_v2, hlf0019_v3, hlf0071_h, hlf0071_v1, hlf0071_v2, hlf0071_v3

[2022, 2023]

Spendings, current

hlf0428_v2, hlf0380, hlf0404_v4, hlf0424_v3, hlf0384_v3, hlf0408


Spendings, future

hlf0714, hlf0715, hlf0716, hlf0717, hlf0718, hlf0719, hlf0720, hlf0721


Type of energy used in household

, hlf0591


Type of energy used in household: biomass


hlf0582, hlf0583, hlf0584, hlf0585, hlf0586


Type of energy used in household: coal


hlf0570, hlf0571, hlf0572_v1, hlf0572_v2, hlf0573, hlf0574, hlf0575


Type of energy used in household: district heat


hlf0540, hlf0541, hlf0542, hlf0543, hlf0544


Type of energy used in household: electricity


hlf0557, hlf0558, hlf0559_v1, hlf0559_v2, hlf0560, hlf0561, hlf0562, hlf0563


Type of energy used in household: environmental heat


hlf0589, hlf0590


Type of energy used in household: gas


hlf0545, hlf0546, hlf0547_v1, hlf0547_v2, hlf0548, hlf0549, hlf0550


Type of energy used in household: heating oil


hlf0564, hlf0565, hlf0566_v1, hlf0566_v2, hlf0567, hlf0568, hlf0569


Type of energy used in household: liquid gas


hlf0551, hlf0552, hlf0553_v1, hlf0553_v2, hlf0554, hlf0555, hlf0556


Type of energy used in household: solar


hlf0587, hlf0588


Type of energy used in household: wood/pellets


hlf0576, hlf0577, hlf0578_v1, hlf0578_v2, hlf0579, hlf0580, hlf0581